After Cleaning – Will Carpets Get Dirty Faster?

Does Cleaning My Carpet Make It Dirtier Faster?

Q: We bought new carpeting about a year ago. It’s starting to look dirty in some of the high traffic areas. I have always heard that you should wait as long as possible to have your carpets cleaned for the first time, because once they’ve been cleaned, they’ll get dirtier much faster. How long should we wait?

A: That may have been true a number of years ago, but with modern cleaning agents & systems of today, that’s no longer the case.

Decades ago, the cleaning solutions for “steam cleaning” and “shampoo methods” left a heavy dirt-attracting soap or detergent residue in the carpet. This residue would indeed cause your carpeting to re-soil rather quickly. Our ultra -modern cleaning systems do not leave dirt-attracting residue. Your carpets will not re-soil any quicker than when they were new.

One word of advice: New carpets are designed to hide soil. By the time your carpet begins to look dirty, it is in dire need of cleaning to remove abrasive soils. Waiting too long will literally shorten the life of your carpets!

Sandy soils deep down in the carpet have very abrasive edges that actually cut into the carpet fibre, much like sandpaper. This is defined as “shading”, also known as “traffic lanes”. When these sandy soils are not removed frequently enough (via regular vacuuming & professional carpet cleaning), the result is dull dingy looking traffic lanes that are permanently marred by the combination of foot traffic and gritty sand particles.

Also, new carpets have warranties that state that you MUST do your cleaning every 12, 18 or 24 months in order to maintain the warranty. Manufacturers of carpet know that in order for expensive carpet to last a long time, it needs regular maintenance. This is specified in the warranty for this reason.

Call an IICRC Certified Firm to ensure that you have selected a fully trained, licensed, registered and insured company. The IICRC has strict requirements, pre-screens companies and has acquired proof of the aforementioned. To confirm that the company you’re dealing with is IICRC Certified, call 1-800-835-4624 or on the web at

We at Crystal Clean Ltd. support the IICRC and its written standards for cleaning procedures. Like electricians, plumbers & carpet installers, we too have a written code book to follow. All our employees are required to be IICRC Certified to continue to be on top with today’s technology.

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