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Area Rug Care

Q: Please help me settle a bet with my husband. We have hardwood floors with several area rugs. I regularly vacuum the rugs, but never seem to get out all the dirt. My husband says his mom hung them on the fence and beat them with a 2×4. I think that is nonsense, not to mention it’s probably not good for the rug. Who’s right? The loser cooks supper.
A: Well you both better start cooking because you’re both right, and both wrong.
With area rug cleaning, more than 75% of all soil is “dry” soil removal. Frequent vacuuming is very good for maintaining your area rugs. In years past, people would hang rugs outside and use a broom stick or wire rug beater to “beat” the dirt out of the rug. Now I wouldn’t recommend a 2×4 but the actual beating did remove plenty of dry soil.
Thankfully with today’s technology we can still do that using a more desirable approach, and with even better results without the pain of blistered or slivered hands method used in the past.
Crystal Clean Ltd. is excited to be the only company in Southern Alberta equipped with an area rug “dust removal device”. We use this tool first to safely “beat” the dirt out of the rugs before washing begins. Many rugs may contain more than several cups full of sandy, gritty soils and sediment that causes permanent damage to fibres and shortens the lifespan of the rug. These damaging soils are not removed by routine cleaning of rugs without a “rug duster”.
During the time the area rugs are in our shop it will have passed through several phases of cleaning, including: dust removal, vacuuming, pre-soil release, flushing of remaining soils and contaminants, fringe detailing, grooming, and are eventually hanged for drying and final inspection.
All area rugs will go through a pre-assessment for rug construction, soil level, and previous damages. Call us today @ 381-0015 for more information, or if you would like to have our IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaner give you a free local consultation.
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