Area Rugs

Foreign / Area Rug Cleaning

Yes, we do Area Rugs! Lots of them! From inexpensive to wool & silk. We will take exceptional care of your rug with our ‘Rug Plant’ service. 

For larger rugs, we often come to your home (locally) to inspect and assess the rug, provide a detailed written quote, pick it up & return it again as part of our standard service.

You are also more than welcome to drop off your easy to handle rug and receive a discount at our Rug Washing Plant.  

A HUGE difference in our ability, is to perform ‘rug dusting’ which knocks out sand, dirt & allergens before the wet stage of washing even begins. These gritty sands cause permanent damage to rugs if left behind long term! 


Lots of information below, then click on the ‘tell me more’ button above for even more details!

Rugs are exquisite and fascinating! We love learning about their rich history, what makes any given rug unique & special. Rugs come in thousand’s of types, names, designs, construction styles, dye structures, some with fringe, some without, some in abnormal shapes & some from countries all over the world!

If you’re unable to drop off the rug in person and don’t know what kind of rug you have, please email pictures of your rug (like the ones below) to help us identify your rug in order to give a better assessment to help you more.


If you know what your rug is, click on the appropriate link below or keep scrolling.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

They did a great job. Carpet dry within the time frame. Friendly and corteous.


Absolutely the best. The results were beyond what I expected. The carpet was restored to its original look. Thanks for your professionalism. So happy!


Your Showcase Carpet Cleaning left our carpets spotless; it even cleaned the rubber edging. It took less time than we expected and dried quickly enough to not inconvenience us. We appreciated your call ahead and punctuality. We recommended you to our neighbors and will certainly call you again.


Super accommodating! They were able to come pick up our couch and bring it back to us. It looks and smells brand new! Thank you guys so much! The price is also very reasonable, when I called, I was expecting hundred and hundred of dollars and a large expensive to transport it because we can’t have chemicals in our home. NOPE! Affordable and effective! Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! Would highly recommend!


My rental property’s carpet was so dirty and stained. I planned to buy new carpet. My friend told me to try Crystal Clean first. Crystal Clean guys did an amazing job, they gave me a super surprise, returned me almost brand new carpet. Hundreds times Thanks to Crystal Clean. They are friend, knowledgeable, professional. Would strongly recommend!


Our Process and Care

All rugs are cared for with the following potential steps. Limitations are set by how the rug is constructed, fiber type and dye material stability as determined during pre-inspection. 

Assessment and testing to determine safe & effective methods for best washing results.

Rug Dusting is the way to get out very fine sands & soils hidden deep in the pile & foundation yarn construction. A critical step others might not tell you about.

Loosen soils by mechanical agitation or even hand brushing. Some rugs need to be cleaned by hand from end to end with hand agitation, others can be cleaned by mechanical. The testing and assessment is most important to safe washing decisions!

Commonly called ‘Steam cleaning’. We sometimes use normal carpet flushing tools to remove soils that are loose & ready to go.

Where fine rugs are hand made, we bring you the Rug Centrifuge all the way from Turkey! The only one in Southern Alberta. This is a process that helps dry a rug very quickly because of how well it removes water after washing rugs with lots of water. Barely damp to the touch following this process!

Rugs are hung on our dry tower, either end to end or “over the barrel” depending on their specific construction weave styles

Clean fringe is a must! Sometimes completed by mechanical effort, sometimes by hand.

We inspect for cleaning results and repeat the cleaning processes as needed until we’re happy. Then we package and arrange for client pick up or delivery.

Why Plant Cleaning vs In Home?

A common question we will answer is “Can rugs be cleaned in your home”? The official answer is ‘yes’ – “some” soils are removed with in-home cleaning… but several problems occur with that idea which really limit potential results.

  1. What damage is done to the floor below?
  2. You are limited to basic carpet cleaning processes such as Steam Cleaning.
  3. Critical Rug Dusting is not an option. Rug dusting – knocking out ground in sand & dirt – is considered a primary & required part of rug care!
  4. Drying issues – some dyes bleed when not dry fast enough, many rug fibre types are very moisture absorbent and take a long time to dry.
  5. It simply does not clean as good as we do in plant! Too many limitations.


Give us a call or bring your rug with you to our plant. We’d love to meet you & your rugs of all kinds. We are usually here from 8:30AM- 4:30 PM Monday- Friday. Occasionally we need to step out for a few minutes once or twice a week, so we recommend always phoning ahead at 403-381-0015 to be sure we are here.