Best Time of Year to Clean Carpets

Best Time of Year to Clean Carpets

Q: My kids are just going back to school and the house is empty during the day. I’m wondering if fall is a good time of year to clean carpets?

A: One of our primary concerns with carpet cleaning is not the season in which it’s done, but the regularity in which you have it done.

Scheduled maintenance cleaning is to prevent permanent traffic lanes caused by sands & grit left remaining in carpet after regular vacuuming. These particles cause scarring to the soft surface of each fibre thread causing the permanent dull traffic lanes found in many homes. Cleaning will not remove already damaged traffic lanes but will minimize future damage when cleaned routinely.

When deciding on the best time to clean carpets, consider this:

Clean when traffic lanes start to appear – remember preventative measures including vacuuming go a long way to expensive carpets lasting a long, long time.

People tend to remove footwear more in the fall/winter months, therefore decreasing the amounts of sands & dirt being trampled into the carpets, allowing the carpets to stay cleaner longer.

Regular maintenance does not necessarily mean every inch of carpet cleaned, but high traffic areas cleaned regularly (6 months or so) and a thorough cleaning every 12 to 18 months depending on conditions in your home.

Scheduling carpet cleaning while the kids are not home is a smart idea and will allow the carpets dry time without their foot traffic, as well as increased safety considerations.

Remember, every season has it’s advantages & disadvantages as to cleaning, but the important thing is not the season, but the regular maintenance to preserve the life of your carpets.

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