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Carpet Cleaning Dollars & $ense

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning, often referred to as “steam” cleaning, is a restorative deep cleaning process. Properly done, according to IICRC code, it consists of a prespray cleaning solution that separates the dirt etc. from the carpet fibre, similar to presoaking your dishes prior to washing them. The next step is to flush out the soil, pollutants, bacteria, allergens dust, and the cleaning solutions from the carpeting. Then drying of carpet. All this “should” be included in your cleaning estimate.

The problem most consumers face is which cleaner to use, and why one costs less than the other. After all, all carpet cleaners are the same, right?

Well, not really. The reason why one costs less than the other has several possibilities. First, it could be a bait and switch operation. Meaning that the offer is so low priced it’s almost too good to be true. Yes! Your assumption is right – it is too good to be true! The low price is the way to get into the consumer’s home. Then comes high pressure sales tactics, carpet protector for everywhere that costs more than the cleaning, the chair cleaning for free either we can’t do because of XYZ or the chair is free only when we do the couch as well (for as much as the couch and chair cost together). The whole objective is to sell you as much as they possibly can get out of your wallet.

Another possibility, less equipment investment is lower cost of business. Good equipment costs more. A carpet cleaner could come into your home with as little as $3,000 worth of equipment. A cleaner that has the right tools could drive up with as much as $80,000 of tools and equipment, to cover any situation that may arise. Portable cleaners that you could rent, are cheap compared to truckmount equipment that costs more than many cars. The tools a cleaner chooses represents his vision for quality. If good equipment costs too much, you can guess his cleaning ….. Other things that you can include here are lack of cleaning education, insurance, proper repairs of equipment, low end cleaning products, a suitable vehicle, professional uniform, etc.

Some cleaners charge by the room, others by the square foot. Service companies need a given amount per hour for them to run a business properly. This allows a given period to clean a given area. What happens when the price is the same for a living room? One is in an 800 sq. ft. home and another is in a 2500 Sq. ft. home. Is it fair that both these rooms are charged the same X dollars? Food for thought.

We regularly use TRUCK – MOUNTED steam cleaning. Why?

  1. Common sense – VERY HOT water simply cleans better!
  2. Hot water uses less cleaning agents, which leaves less residue that attract new soil. Let the hot water do most of the work, not chemicals. We also use soft water!
  3. The hot water we use makes your home healthier. It kills bacteria and germs similar to how your dentist sterilizes his tools.

However, the cleaning technician is, by far, the most important factor in your cleaning. Be sure to interview him while you’re getting your free estimate prior to your actual cleaning appointment. This allows you not to ‘feel obligated’ to have the work done just because you invited him over to ‘have a look’. Good cleaning takes more time and will cost more! But you get what you pay for, and if you want cleaning that is actually clean ….

Our estimates are free and usually done on site so there is no guess work. We learn of your concerns and answer your questions. You also will have the opportunity to assess what we do and see if we are the cleaner you would choose to use.

One of the best ways of finding a true professional is by listening to your friends’ comments about their carpet cleaners of past. We have so much confidence in our service thatour guarantee is NOBODY but NOBODY makes cleaner carpets in your home than Crystal Clean Ltd. – If it’s not clean Do Not Pay – it’s that simple. We get more than 75% of our new clients by referral. Referrals from people – very satisfied people just like you.

Your cleaning will be done by the owner of the business, an IICRC certified MASTER CLEANER, Con Schultz. When you deal with the owner of the business you will get a better level of service, knowledge, and attitude. The owner knows everything is on the line when he drives up to your house. Doesn’t your home deserve cleaning by a MASTER who cares?