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Delivering Absolutely Awesome Cleaning for more than 33 years in the Lethbridge AB area.

“Absolutely Awesome Carpet Cleaning… for you, for your family!” We want your home beautiful! Our cleaning removes soils from carpet to restore beauty, color, texture & softness. Receive our free spotting chart, free spotting bottle with free refills for life on every cleaning. Clients LOVE our ‘after cleaning consultation’ of helpful tips and pointers to help maximize the life of your carpets are so appreciated by our clients!

No Gimmicks, No Sales Pressure, No Hidden Charges, No Kidding!! Great value and results for your family. Just Amazing Cleaning with Awesome Service. Our honesty & integrity runs very deep. How we treat clients & what we recommend to you, is no different than what we would do for our own home.  We offer free local on-site quotes prior to cleaning to be able to assess your individual cleaning requirements.

 Dry in 1 – 5 hours so life can get back to normal! We often use specialized drying equipment during the cleaning process as the goal isn’t just ‘clean’, the goal is clean AND dry – ready for family use as quickly as possible!

Technicians with a smile that will make your day – not add stress! Our head cleaning technician (and owner) Rob Campbell (10 years) is the IICRC Certified Journeyman Textile Cleaning Technician in the Lethbridge Area! And he is at every appointment. Why is this important to you? You need to know that few full time professional carpet cleaners CHOOSE to go to carpet cleaning schools! Unlike many other government regulated industries (ie Electricians & Plumbers), cleaning school is optional, we CHOOSE to go to school, we then pass our exams and when you do enough of the individual courses and clean long enough in the real world, we become Certified Cleaners, Journeyman Textile Cleaners & finally Master Textile Cleaners.

What about cleaning agents? Most of our cleaning uses very little cleaning agents in the first place. We prefer bigger & better machinery with less cleaning agent vs. little machines with strong cleaning solutions. We as cleaning professionals are very concerned about what we use every day as we are the ones breathing it in all week! You can be sure we only choose formulas that are safe for us, and in the end, safe for you, your family & your pets and of course the environment too.  For those with Chemical Sensitivity concerns, we handle several clients a year with extreme concerns for this, so please let us know to discuss specifics. Yes, we are absolutely concerned for your health! For those with allergies – all our cleaning & solutions will help you too!

We come to each appointment with all the right tools! We firmly believe that the best cleaning comes with 3 factors: the best trained technician, the best tools available, and the most important – the right heart of passion to deliver Awesome Cleaning with Amazing Service! There is no such thing as just 1 type of cleaning equipment or cleaning agent for every situation. Too many different types of carpet with different characteristics that need different cleaning techniques. Therefore, our cleaning service vehicles have multiple different options available to us, not just one as the only ‘tool’ in the ‘tool box’. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

They did a great job. Carpet dry within the time frame. Friendly and corteous.


Absolutely the best. The results were beyond what I expected. The carpet was restored to its original look. Thanks for your professionalism. So happy!


Your Showcase Carpet Cleaning left our carpets spotless; it even cleaned the rubber edging. It took less time than we expected and dried quickly enough to not inconvenience us. We appreciated your call ahead and punctuality. We recommended you to our neighbors and will certainly call you again.


Super accommodating! They were able to come pick up our couch and bring it back to us. It looks and smells brand new! Thank you guys so much! The price is also very reasonable, when I called, I was expecting hundred and hundred of dollars and a large expensive to transport it because we can’t have chemicals in our home. NOPE! Affordable and effective! Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! Would highly recommend!


My rental property’s carpet was so dirty and stained. I planned to buy new carpet. My friend told me to try Crystal Clean first. Crystal Clean guys did an amazing job, they gave me a super surprise, returned me almost brand new carpet. Hundreds times Thanks to Crystal Clean. They are friend, knowledgeable, professional. Would strongly recommend!


We highly recommend you read our CLEANOLOGY newsletter article “Carpet Cleaning: Dollars & Sen$e

So how do we actually do our carpet cleaning? Keep on viewing this web page to read all about it!

Two cleaning options that deliver real results! Healthy HomeCare Truckmount Steam or Showcase Cleaning

Both of these systems do a fantastic job of cleaning residential carpets!  Our Certified Master or Journeyman Cleaning Technician will assist in helping you make the best choice of cleaning system for your carpet, as our goal is to provide you with Absolutely Awesome Cleaning, regardless of the cleaning system used. Combining these systems produce added cleaning results for extreme soil conditions.

Arrival usually within 30 minutes of our appointed time. We always phone ahead when we are on our way as well as a day before reminder! A Journeyman or Carpet Professional Cleaning Technician will be in your home!

Pre-Inspection & Assessment of carpet type, soil conditions and expected results. We’ll provide an exact written cost and get your approval before we proceed if we have not already provided a free local in-home assessment prior to your actual cleaning appointment.

Pre-Spotting where necessary. Things like urine, ink & blood respond best if treated first before the rest of the carpet.

Pre-Conditioning of the carpet fiber – similar to a “soak cycle” when washing dishes or laundry – this step helps release soils of their grip on carpet fibers.

Flushing soils with the 360i used with Truckmount – this tool works in a circular motion flushing soils from the carpet fiber 20-100 times over. The 360i provides a far superior cleaning in traffic lanes and highly soiled conditions compared to a standard carpet cleaning wand used by average cleaners. The 360i  lifts, refreshes, and restores matted & crushed fibers. However, some select carpet construction & design may not allow for this tool to be used.

Cleaning Olefin / Polypropylene Berber & Polyester style carpets – We often use our Showcase Carpet Cleaning System to do a remarkable job on these ‘oil loving’ carpet fibers. The mechanical action of the unit produces a massaging and dirt lift tamping action where soils are absorbed into specially designed pads. This is then followed by a complete vacuuming as sandy type soils vibrate to the carpet surface during the tamping action. This system is more portable to reach further away from parking situations such as multi-floor condo’s where Truckmount accessibility is not feasible. Clients also love the fast dry times of roughly 1 hour!

Cleaning agents – are chosen based on individual carpet types & soil conditions present. All cleaning agents are green based environmentally sound, safe for you, your kids and pets, and safe for our cleaning technicians who use these agents each & every day. 

Speed drying – During the cleaning process, we most often use specialized dryers immediately following flushing to facilitate faster drying for your convenience! Dependent on certain conditions, dry times can be as little as 1-2 hrs for Showcase or 2-5 hrs with Truckmount cleaning.

Detailing of all carpeted edges with standard carpet cleaning wand used with truckmount cleaning. We use this more agile tool for detailing and edges.

Post-spotting – as needed, where needed. Because some spills need more love and special attention!

FREE Crystal Clean Spot Remover with FREE lifetime refills for home owners.

Re-positioning of large furniture and protect legs with clear invisible tabs or Styrofoam blocks. We place protective barriers between legs/frames and damp carpet to ensure furniture will not do damage to your carpet.  Metal legs / frames can leave rust, and wood can leave wood stain color marks if exposed to damp carpet for a length of time.

Groom or setting the carpet pile, like brushing your hair after a shower. Standing up the fiber facilitates faster drying times after cleaning.

Your Personal Post Inspection & Approval – If you’re not happy, neither are we! Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. Our business relies on each & every client being so delighted with our service that they refer Crystal Clean to family & friends

We are wanting and earning your 5 star (*****) reviews all the time! (Click the links below to leave your review and fill in our report card to help make us better). Even days after our cleaning, if you have any concerns, be sure to call us immediately with any concerns as we always aim to please!

Additional Services for your consideration:

Pre-vacuuming – this is an absolutely essential preparation step for carpet cleaning. We love to do a thorough job however many of our clients prefer to do this themselves prior to our arrival to save on the cleaning budget. Read our newsletter on (Most Essential Tool – Your Vacuum).

Urine Treatments – please see our pet web page for all the details! We offer surface and / or subsurface / underlay treatment options. The larger the puddle, the deeper it goes.  Because we cannot fix what we cannot find, we use blacklight technology to see exactly where it is to determine an appropriate treatment plan. Often Showcase cleaning can be an exceptional choice improving urine discoloration and odors while maintaining a practical budget when dealing with repeat offending pets that are much loved but continue to have accidents whether due to health reasons, age, or habit.  We are well known for our effective way of dealing with this common issue.

Carpet Protector that is Certified “Earth-Friendly” for walk ways & traffic lanes. 3 reasons why it is important: easier spot cleaning; overall improved cleaning results next time; and better vacuuming – about 30% more dirt will end up in your vacuum because the soils in the carpet are not ‘grabbing’ & ‘sticking’ to the carpet fiber – similar to your Teflon-coated frying pan! However, just like your frying pans get scratches over time, so do carpet fibers. Dull traffic lanes are caused from sands & grits that over time scratch fibers, firstly scratching off the original manufacturer protector, and then scratching eventually into the fiber itself – which causes traffic lanes. Read our newsletter on (Traffic Areas… Dirty or Worn?) for more information on how to prevent this premature wear. Regular application of carpet protector in traffic lanes will significantly prolong the life of your carpet!

Remember to check your favorite chair and other furniture as we may be able to touch them up while we are already in your home cleaning your carpets. This is so convenient and easy!