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Our pets bring us years of enjoyment, affection, and fond memories. It’s almost hard to imagine life without them. But Fido and Fluffy, no matter how well trained, can leave us little reminders that they are around.

There are 3 dimensions to a urine stain: the obvious odor, the discoloration and the health consideration.

First let’s talk about the unpleasant odor that urine can emit. Ever wonder why odors are most noticeable in a wet spring or hot summer?  Odors often worsen when there is moisture present or high humidity.  Rain on a hot day is a classic re-activators for urine (& many other odors).

Effective handling of urine contamination may include the carpet, the pad, and possibly the subfloor in order to successfully remove difficult odors. 

The discoloration in urine contamination is an actual dye and can indeed redye your carpet, particularly light and pastel colored carpets. This can happen immediately or over time. Our PeeBe Gone Process has given us incredible results for discoloration.

Urine allowed to remain in fabrics is unsanitary. When kids play on the carpet, invariably the same fingers touch the urine contamination also touch the eyes, ears, nose etc. The carpet must be sanitized and the bacteria counteracted. The good news is no matter how bad it is there is a solution. With proper training, solutions, equipment and methods, we can effectively treat urine contamination.

However, prevention is easier to handle than the remedy and is more cost effective. Cleanup accidents immediately (see our steps to remove urine for more help) or check out our urine specific product that we sell at our office called Ur-Out.

Choose wisely how to raise & train your pet. When struggling with training issues, we highly recommend contacting your vet to ensure there’s nothing physically wrong with your pet, and then check out some of the local trainers in your area.  There is also a plethora of information on the internet of how to properly train your pet.  

‘Dog doors’ such at those available through your local pet store, work wonderful for limiting the amount of potential damage in a home. We also recommend that every home have a small water extraction spotting machine found at your local department store to assist you with your immediate clean up.   The ones that have a hand held vacuum tool and heat option work best.

Other issues from pets include fecal stains. Most often, these will wash away readily when you have a spotting machine with hot water. Doing them by hand can be done, but much more challenging depending on its severity.

Vomit issues are usually tied to what is in the diet before it arrives, so often treat them like food spills. The yellow bile that sometimes appear with this is very difficult to remove depending on its color intensity. Allow your cleaning solutions to sit / dwell longer for better results – but sometimes bile is not removable. Pets on medicine or foods consumed that have dye in it, can be often more difficult to deal with.

We wish you & your pet many happy & loving years together! We are here to help whenever accidents occur. Don’t hesitate to phone us for assistance!