Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning

IICRC Certified FabriCare

Even Little Behinds Deserve a Clean Seat!

Tired of using slip covers to hide spots & dirt? Let us help make a difference with our awesome furniture cleaning. We have the option to clean on-site or in-shop. You will see brighter colors, have a softer feel, and those embarrassing spots will be gone

Let us brighten your day and your home! You will love how we clean your furniture making it bright, beautiful and spotless once again. You will also love the easy service with a smile and our convenient appointments. Furniture and other decorating tell much about the personalities that live in a home. The cleanliness around the home is sensed by your guests when they visit with you – on your furniture!

Over 30 years of trusted excellence in furniture cleaning restoration by the most trained and experienced furniture cleaner! We are well able to clean your much loved family proof polyester / olefin and microfibre and brighten your most delicate silk / cotton / rayon fabrics.

We clean each with care, using a multitude of proper and safe cleaning methods and products, either cleaned in your home or in our most advanced furniture & rug washing plant to be found anywhere.

Head & hand oils, pet issues, newspaper inks are no match for our abilities. We will pre-inspect your furniture to address any concerns & provide an accurate cost before we start. Vacuum or use air to remove loose soils, pre-treat the fabric to loosen hard grabbing soils, agitate fabric with brushes or towels, remove soils with a variety of methods, remove any remaining spots or areas of more soils, treat with fabric protector, speed dry. Post inspect to ensure we accomplish the goal of Absolutely Clean, Absolutely Awesome service!

Phone to set up your onsite quote or email your furniture pictures to awesomeservice@crystalclean.com.  Let us restore the beauty, colors and ‘the look’ of the furniture you fell in love with when you purchased it!