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Home Care Retail

Many consumers like to clean up the occasional accidental spills themselves. With so many products available, it’s hard to choose the right ones that will not further damage the carpet or set the stain.

Our company, Crystal Clean Ltd., understands this need and therefore have researched consumer friendly products that will not do damage and still be successful.

“Crystal Clean Carpet Spotter” 
This is a general homecare spotter that will take care of the “regular” spots and spills that may happen in your home. All our clients receive a free 8 oz bottle of “Crystal Clean Carpet Spotter” or free refill with every cleaning. If you run out before your next cleaning, please bring your bottle down to us and we’d be happy to refill it for you for free. Also, make sure you check out our spotting chart for additional help.

A great product made especially to take care of those accidents that our beloved pets occasionally leave behind. $10 per litre or $30 for a refill gallon (for those that find themselves with more than just the occasional accident). “Ur-Out” is homeowner safe & carpet friendly. With this product, you won’t need to worry about the risks of damage that can be caused by stronger pet products available on the market. Please take time to read more about petcare in our petcare newsletter or check out our “steps to remove urine” for more help.

“Grandi Groom Rake” 
One of our final steps when we clean carpets is to groom them. This procedure uses a “carpet grooming tool” or “rake” to give that finished look. We offer this product for those that would like to maintain that finished look in between cleanings. This tool will help prevent matting & crushing that sometimes occurs in high traffic areas. (This also works very well to use just before company arrives for that just vacuumed look!)We sell brand new Grandi Grooms at $38 + GST, or you have the option of buying one that we are currently using (slightly used & broken in) at a lower cost. Most consumers choose this option which also allows us to refresh the tools in our service vehicles. The cost will depending on the usage of the tool since circulation. Usually between $20 – 32 including GST.

“Looking for More?” 
If you are looking for a specific product that we do not list here, please email or call us with your cleaning project & what specific concern you are trying to remove or clean. If we don’t offer it, we’ll be happy to direct you to a source that does.

A few more common sense suggestions...

  1. Always have pre-made spotting solutions labeled & ready to go in accordance with our spotting chart.
  2. Post your copy of the spotting chart inside the door of where you hide your cleaning agents
  3. Every home with a puppy needs a ‘doggie door’
  4. Every home should have a small spotting machine such as the spot-bot, preferably ‘with heat’ and small hand tool (2-3″ wide) only. the vacuum is not strong enough to have bigger attachments that this. Leaving things wet too long also can do damage.
  5. Vacuum 1X per week per living creature in the home. Only one of these vacuumings needs to be a full / well done one, the rest should concentrate on major walkways etc. Take good care of your major traffic lane as when that is worn out – how much flooring will you need to replace? Crevice edges 1X per month. Vacuum furniture 1X month.
  6. When considering buying new carpets or furniture – call us first to help you ‘buy the right stuff’! It is always cheaper to buy the right things than try to clean & maintain the wrong things. For example, polyester carpets do not clean and hold up nearly as well as nylon carpets. Nylon costs 25% more to purchase but lasts more than twice as long & looks better all along the way! Polyester furniture fabric covering is just fine though.
  7. If you notice anything funny happening on your carpets or furniture – call & ask. Often there is a home remedy when it is a small / just starting situation, but left too long – is often costly & sometimes impossible to repair.
  8. The real truth & proof is in… Carpets are still considerably healthier than hard floors – but the carpet, like the furnace filter, does need to be cleaned so it traps & holds more breathable soils, making people more sick. Unmaintained anything – including hard floors – is still unhealthy.
  9. How often should we clean to stay healthy? Depends on its use, but most homes are every 12 months to maybe 2.5 years. All new carpets have warranties that state you must do carpet cleaning every 12 – 18 months in order to maintain the warranty – ever wonder why?
  10. You’ll just about always get what you pay for. Cheap is – as cheap gets. “Awesome Cleaning” & “cheap” cannot function together in the same sentence.
  11. We’re serious about our pledge to you of “Absolutely Awesome Cleaning” and our money back guarantee. Yes, there is a little fine print but we’re also very serious about ensuring you are extremely happy & satisfied with our end results!