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Pet Stains & Odor Removal

IICRC Certified PetCare & Odor Control

Taking care of pets is one of the most common stains we resolve. These are also one of the most complex as well! You’ll LOVE the results of our PeeBe Gone process. We are very passionate about resolving these concerns and are well known for our work with pet accidents.

Our findings indicate the urine from pets over 13 lbs will go into the underlay, and urine from pets over 35lbs go all the way into the subfloor below. Therefore, urine can be just in the carpet, or to the underlay or to the subfloor. The great news is that we have answers for each of these situations!

Our PeeBe Gone technology and specific tools not only treat the urine in the carpet, but can also deal with underlay saturation. This process along with the PeeBe Gone cleaning agents, provide astounding relief from odor & urine discoloration.

The following diagram is one of the methods that may be used for dealing with urine treatment.

This process works without lifting the carpet & replacing the underlay as we have needed to in years past. In most instances, an 85 – 90% improvement can be expected! 

Sometimes clients have ongoing urine issues with their best friend. For this we have a superb cost friendly surface treatment program that is very helpful for the repeat offenders. Depending on how much urine is present, 55 – 60% improvement can be expected.  

Unfortunately, there are times that the saturation is too heavy & replacement of underlay is necessary and possibly carpet as well. We promise that we will be honest with you, and only recommend what we would do if it were our very own situation: whether surface treat, underlay flushing, new underlay, or total replacement. 

How do we know what to recommend?

We provide onsite quotes only for this service, which includes using a Blacklight Urine Detector to tell us exactly where and how much urine there is. Once we have determined the quantity & size of contamination we are dealing with, we then provide a detailed plan of action and expected results for your home.  We will never use a surface deodorizer on the entire carpet as covering it up to make your nose feel better for a few days is never the right answer!


We charge an advance service fee of $35 for this inspection and assessment. However, this fee is deducted from our invoice when you hire us for our urine treatment program. 

Call or email us today to set up your appointment for your PetCare assessment. To read more about pets, push the tell me more button.

What Our Clients Are Saying

They did a great job. Carpet dry within the time frame. Friendly and corteous.


Absolutely the best. The results were beyond what I expected. The carpet was restored to its original look. Thanks for your professionalism. So happy!


Your Showcase Carpet Cleaning left our carpets spotless; it even cleaned the rubber edging. It took less time than we expected and dried quickly enough to not inconvenience us. We appreciated your call ahead and punctuality. We recommended you to our neighbors and will certainly call you again.


Super accommodating! They were able to come pick up our couch and bring it back to us. It looks and smells brand new! Thank you guys so much! The price is also very reasonable, when I called, I was expecting hundred and hundred of dollars and a large expensive to transport it because we can’t have chemicals in our home. NOPE! Affordable and effective! Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! Would highly recommend!


My rental property’s carpet was so dirty and stained. I planned to buy new carpet. My friend told me to try Crystal Clean first. Crystal Clean guys did an amazing job, they gave me a super surprise, returned me almost brand new carpet. Hundreds times Thanks to Crystal Clean. They are friend, knowledgeable, professional. Would strongly recommend!