Pets & Problems

Pets & Problems

Q: We love our dogs but sometimes they leave little reminders when we are gone all day. I’m frustrated with the deodorizing products that you buy at the store. Is there anyway of removing the odors and the stain without expensive replacement?

These stains are common, but can be one of the most complex problems cleaners face. The first problem is just finding them all. If some get treated and some do not, the job will not be accomplished.

We at Crystal Clean use a ‘urine detection light’. It is an ultraviolet light that works best in the dark to find urine concerns. This procedure is similar to what you might see on TV crime shows for finding bodily fluids.

There are 3 dimensions to a urine stain: the obvious being the odor, the discoloration and the health consideration.

The odor is unpleasant, and even worse when there is moisture present or high humidity which reactivates it . A rain on a hot day is a classic example of how humidity can reactivate odors. Effective deodorization may include the carpet, the pad, and possibly the sub-floor – depending on the size or diameter of the urine stain that we see from the top of the carpet.

A stain that is less than 2″ on top probably has not entered the underlay, but a 7″ stain will likely have entered into the sub-floor.

The discoloration in urine contamination is an actual dye and can indeed re-dye your carpet, particularly light and pastel colored carpets. This can happen immediately or over time. Our PeeBe Gone process has provided incredible results for problematic discoloration. 

Urine allowed to remain in carpets & fabrics is unsanitary. When kids play on the carpet, invariably the same fingers touch the urine contamination also touch the eyes, ears, nose, mouth etc. which are easy entry points into the body for bacteria. The carpet must be sanitized and the bacteria counteracted.

With proper training, solutions, equipment and methods, we can effectively treat urine contamination. 

Prevention is easier to handle than the remedy and is more cost effective. Cleanup accidents immediately (see our “steps to remove urine” in our website for more help) or check out our urine specific product that we sell called “Ur-Out”. Choose wisely how to raise & train your pet, and enjoy the many years of love in return from your pet!