Spotting Chart – The Answer Sheet


Alcoholic Beverage A
Asphalt B
Beer A
Betadine P
Berries A
Blood, Wet COLD, A
Blood, Dry COLD, A-2
Butter A
Chewing Gum C, then B
Chocolate A-2
Coffee, Tea A-1**
Cosmetics A, B
Crayon B*
De-icer Vacuum, A
Drinks, Colored A*, P
Drinks, Hot(non - caffeine etc) A**
Drinks(Cola , etc.) A
Excrement A
Food dyes A*, P
Furniture Polish A, B
Grease, Auto B
Grease, Food A
Ink, Ballpoint B, P
Ink, Permanent P
Ink, Washable A
Lipstick B
Milk A
Mustard A, P
Nail Polish Polish Remover using method B
Paint - Latex (wet) A
Paint - Latex(dry) B
Paint - Oil B, P
Rust P
Tomato Ingredients A
Toner, Copier, Wet P
Toner, Copier, Dry Vacuum, A
Urine A -1
Vomit A, A - 1
Wax P
Wine Club soda, 7 up etc.

PROCEDURE A: 2 cups HOT water with 1 tsp. laundry detergent (using a squirt bottle works best). Squirt & blot multiple times. (Tide & Bold are too strong for Stain Resistant carpet - use Sunlight or Cheer if possible and AVOID all oxy/oxygen detergents ).
Follow steps below.

PROCEDURE A-1: Same as above except a solution of 25% vinegar and 75% hot water.

PROCEDURE A-2: Same as above except 2 Tbs. household ammonia to 1 cup hot water.

PROCEDURE B: Paint thinner applied with Q-tip (or towel if necessary). Will damage carpet construction if over applied. Provide adequate ventilation! A professional spotting agent we have available, would be a better choice of product.

PROCEDURE C: Freeze using ice cubes then chip away after thoroughly frozen.

P - Professional service required!!

(*) - Colors such as those found in soft drinks, Koolaid, candle wax etc. can redye carpet and may not be removable.

(**) - Make cleaning solution hotter then original spill temperature.


  1. Remove as much solids as you can using spatula etc.
  2. Absorb wet spills quickly with paper towels and absorb as much moisture as possible.
  3. Always blot the carpet – NEVER scrub or rub, this causes carpet to fuzz & results in permanent damage!!
  4. Remove spots as they happen while you remember what they still are. Fresh spots and stains are easier to remove than old ones.
  6. Final step is ALWAYS to put a stack of paper towels with a weighted object (eg. heavy books) on spot UNTIL DRY! This is particularly useful for coffee, tea, and urine.

Good luck. If you’re too nervous to do what needs to be done, don’t panic, just call us and we’ll spot it for you!



  1. Place stack of paper towels on top and extract as much moisture as possible.
  2. Liberally apply a solution of 25% vinegar and 75% water. Repeat paper towel procedure. Do not rub or scrub carpet!
  3. Repeat step two – you will need to use 1 1/2 times amount of solution as there was urine. Repeat paper towels.
  4. Place dry paper towels over top again, and a sheet of plastic or wax paper, then a heavy book. Leave this for at least 12 hours or until dry. This can make the difference of a permanent or not permanent stain.
  5. Follow these steps implicitly!!


  1. Remove all possible solids with spatula, cardboard etc.
  2. Use hot water, flush the area numerous times. A wet/dry vacuum works well, otherwise use paper towels by the dozen.
  3. If stains are persistent, add 1 tsp. of your laundry detergent to the hot water. A short soaking period may be required.
  4. Blot until dry using paper towels. Place stack of paper towels over area with heavy books on top with wax paper or plastic bag in between to prevent damage to the books, leave for 12 hours until dry!!