Which Cleaning System is Best for Me?

Which Cleaning System is Best for Me?

Q: I am confused, there seems to be several carpet cleaning systems to choose from. How will I know which one is right for my me?

A: You’re absolutely right. There are several different systems used, but many companies have only one method offered.

The “IICRC” (International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification) have a codebook dictating the proper ways & methods for cleaning carpets, upholstery & water damage. The Carpet Cleaning Standards S100 states there are 5 official methods of cleaning carpets which include:

  • hot water extraction – “steam” cleaning,
  • bonnet or absorbent pad – also known as “dry” cleaning because of fast dry times,
  • dry foam – also “dry” cleaning,
  • shampoo and
  • absorbent compound – another “dry” cleaning method.

Each of these cleaning methods remove soils from carpets when performed according to the standards mentioned earlier. However, some will remove more soils than others & some are made for specific types of soil or carpet conditions.

Since carpet needs can vary in each home or business, companies offering multiple systems can be beneficial to the customer. We at Crystal Clean Ltd believe there is no one method that is best for every situation. We use three of the above systems that we feel are the most effective in removing soils for different situations. Often we will combine methods to give you the best possible results.

Also when considering a carpet cleaning firm, choose for more than just their method or price. Consider training as an important qualification. The company you choose should want to continue their education even after they receive their certification. Our industry is changing, and improving remarkably fast. Technology, equipment and cleaning agents continue to improve for better cleaning & for a safer environment, indoors & out.

We are an IICRC Certified Firm and each of our staff members are required to be individually Certified in different cleaning categories, including our Master Textile Cleaner with 13 different individual Certifications.

So your question does not have an easy answer without knowing all the facts. What’s best for you might not be what’s best for your neighbour. For this reason, we would be happy to give you a free on site evaluation of your carpet, and help you choose what the best method would be for your situation and cleaning needs.

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